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phyip is the best hyip monitoring
Available now for $25.00/week, $88.00/month
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We are (phyip.com) listing the high yield investment programs (hyip) here.
We put the interests of investors above ours, so investment projects that are suspicion won’t be able to monitor here (We always try to show the current and honest statuses).
We are trying to become an honest and a trusted hyip monitoring. One of our aims at phyip.com is to provide a convenient and efficient service.

What will you get in each listing:

Silver Gold Insurance
Rating stars 0~3 stars 3~4 stars 4~5 stars
Sending Newsletter To Active Emails: At least 1500 At least 2500 At least 5000
Referral back YES YES YES
RCB up to: 85% REAL 100% REAL 125% REAL
Support 24x7 YES YES YES
Telegram post YES YES YES
Facebook post YES YES YES
Share on many FB related groups NO YES YES
Twitter post NO YESYES
Share on many Telegrams' related groups NO YES YES
Instagram post NO YES YES
One week FREE banner 125*125 ** **
Two week FREE banner NO 468*60 **
One month FREE banner NO NO 728*90
Lifetime FREE Banner NO 125*125 468*60
Program will be listed in 24 hours 12 hours 12 hours
Guaranteed NO NO YES
Activation fee 00 19 49
Investment 29 99 299
INSURANCE 00 00 1000
TOTAL (Activation +Investment+ Insurance) $29 $118 $1348

* You have to be an admin of the program that you are adding.
* Your program position in list is dependent to monitoring status and payout ratio.
* If your program pay only to selective investor, we have rights to change your program status to SCAM.
* To get more proper votes you can place our button in most visible place on your site and ask your members for voting every 24 hours.
* When you add your program in out off monitoring (FREE), we wont show your program status as a paying and also we'll check it by other monitorings and as soon as your program get 2 not paying we'll set your program status as a scam hyip.
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